Caesar watching the Super Bowl

So I just watched the Super Bowl. It was interesting to watch and the athletes were amazing. Both teams gave their best. However it is crazy to see the amount of money and attention that goes into something like this...a game, entertainment, a distraction. It is sickening to see the team's owners in their special... Continue Reading →


Coral beach

I haven't been home in a while so my friends brought me to a secluded beach. It is such a lovely intimate quiet place. I spent the whole time looking for beautiful pieces of corals on the shore.  I took comfort in the sounds of the waves crashing and wind and birds up above. I... Continue Reading →


Once in a while I like to meditate, not as a verb or action. I like to just sit and let it all be. It's so interesting to see how much we want to control, how much we feel we don't. I like to release my grasp on what I think is important, and let... Continue Reading →

The Facebook dilemma…

I posted a photo,, let me show you: Then, the next day, I was flagged and blocked from posting anything else for 24 hours. Here's the message I posted when I was able to: Fascinating, the henna photo previously posted by me offended someone and they flaggled it and for that I say go... Continue Reading →

Soon school starts…

That's a mouthful to say. Hum, so I haven't written anything here lately...Duh! School starts soon and I can't wait. This will be a great school year, I can feel it. Next project will be Graduate school. I'm not sure where I'll go. I guess it depends where I get the most money. I feel... Continue Reading →


My friend's grand mother died yesterday so I called her in Guadeloupe. We had a great chat. She said that granma' was 92 and was tired of not being able to move and do thing on her own. She had to have people bathing and changing her. She just decided to stop eating until she... Continue Reading →

I have to move on…

This is hard...I've been here before...sort of. A clean break is all I need. Run, run, don't look back or you'll turn into a pillar of salt, frozen in time, frozen in pain. My heart is agitated in fear, in pain waiting for the final blow, the final crush. I believe did the right thing.... Continue Reading →

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