Tiny bubble

I’m a tiny bubble
floating on the top
I ride with the waves
with no end in mind
you can see underneath
if you’re above
you can see above
if you’re below
I’ve seen strange creatures
above and below
I’ve seen sunlight and the rainbow
I don’t know where I came from
but this I know
one day
this tiny bubble will pop!
and the air that was contained
within the thin layer of water
will be claimed by the sky
and so will the water
merge back into the vast ocean
and this tiny bubble
will be no more.


And it will be beautiful…

The sweat sticks to my shirt, it’s humid and grey.
In my heart the sunshines with clouds and all, the ocean is here as well.
Electricity runs through the sky of my mind.
The tree leaves are waving bye bye.
Stand up! I think.
Stand and rise amongst the sleepers.
Walk towards the clarity and touch the matrix of being.
The light will welcomes you.
Your heart is filled with sorrow and it is beautiful.
You feel the pain and flinch not.
Long ago in the desert someone opened the bottle,
a tree came out and lighting struck.
A white crow landed on the branch.
Thru the magnifying glass of time we saw each other and crossed over to the other side, where the others awaited.
In the spiraling floor I danced and danced the songs of the gypsies.
But the piano fell into the pond and all the creatures looked up.
“Enjoy” she whispered.
Ah, the magic mantra.
Ken drew the clock on the ground where the piano fell.
There stood a man, holding himself as the rain poured on and on.
He gave me the umbrella as lighting struck.
I was scared. My heart was pounding in my chest and the rain doubled.
I looked up and saw the butterfly drop to the ground.
His wings were wet and was crawling like a caterpillar.
I blew on his wings until they were dry.
He kissed me and flew away.
My feet sank into the wet dirt. They turned into mud.
My whole body melted into earth.
I could feel the water running through me.
I feared, and she said: “Enjoy”.
Ah yes, the sacred mantra.
Worms were crawling through my flesh.
Was it my flesh? I don’t know.
Tree roots were holding me tight and lot letting go.
It smelt good, rich and fertile.
“I shall dance the dance of time once more” she said.


I'm just a little leaf…

How I wish I could be like a leaf on the river, floating, twirling down the stream. Carefree and careless I would be if I were that little leaf. There’s no need to speed or to slowdown, there just isn’t a need. I would just gently float down and watch the world go by. I would see the cows drinking, the people laughing and crying but I wouldn’t care, I would just keep on floating until I reached the great sea.