Tiny bubble

I’m a tiny bubblefloating on the topI ride with the waveswith no end in mindyou can see underneathif you’re aboveyou can see aboveif you’re belowI’ve seen strange creaturesabove and belowI’ve seen sunlight and the rainbowI don’t know where I came frombut this I knowone daythis tiny bubble will pop!and the air that was containedwithin theContinue reading “Tiny bubble”

And it will be beautiful…

The sweat sticks to my shirt, it’s humid and grey.In my heart the sunshines with clouds and all, the ocean is here as well.Electricity runs through the sky of my mind.The tree leaves are waving bye bye.Stand up! I think.Stand and rise amongst the sleepers.Walk towards the clarity and touch the matrix of being.The lightContinue reading “And it will be beautiful…”