Ok, more about my home.

I cannot help it. It is just too beautiful. I found a few more pics I want to post here. This is where I hung out with a cup of coffee chilling and listening to roosters signing and sometimes the rain coming in.   My family owns some property in the mountains. This is the... Continue Reading →


Secluded beach in Guadeloupe

So this might be my last post from Guadeloupe for now since I am back in the frigid cold of Saint Louis Missouri. I absolutely love this beach. I don't like to be where there are many people. This beach was perfect for me also because I could find many corals that I want to... Continue Reading →

Coral beach

I haven't been home in a while so my friends brought me to a secluded beach. It is such a lovely intimate quiet place. I spent the whole time looking for beautiful pieces of corals on the shore.  I took comfort in the sounds of the waves crashing and wind and birds up above. I... Continue Reading →


I just did some henna on my cousin's foot. We were born the same year, and separated by 10 days. I am older. 🙂  We are both Gemini and I do feel we are like twins. 

A Much needed break.

So Jennifer and I went to Chicago for a much needed one day mini vacation. We had a great time. We travel well. Maybe it's because we are easy, lol. We got there in time for breakfast so we went to Cafe Sel Marie. It's a great place for breakfast and lunch in Lincoln Square.... Continue Reading →

Passed Henna that I liked

I've always liked this one. I think I did this more than 4 years ago. I like the design, color of skin, pose, light. I wish I could do more of those and then publish a book with all the images.

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