India – The Whole Story

I’ve written about my last trip to India in sections and it’s annoying to find each section and read them separately so I’ve compiled them here, in one story. Enjoy… The trip from Stl to Bangalore So it has been an interesting 3 days so far but hey, when you’re in India, everything is interesting.Continue reading “India – The Whole Story”


I find it so odd that Americans make such an effort trying to prevent Dandelions from growing. They even call them WEEDS. It’s probably a matter of taste but I find Dandelions more pleasing to look at than those well manicured lawn. It takes such effort to kill the ‘weeds’ just to have an evenContinue reading “Weeds?”

my little heart…

I was walking through the park today. The air was cold, not too cold. There was stillness within and without. Upon a path I saw a small tree. It had lost all it’s plumage, all but a few and that’s when I saw it. It was my little heart. It was perched on the highestContinue reading “my little heart…”

Back to school

Ok, so I’m going back to school. I’m going to Fontbonne. I’ve decided to finally finish my degrees. I’ll get a BFA and then an MFA. After I’ve completed my studies I will look to teach in a University. The plan is to do that for 20 years and then retire. By the way, here’sContinue reading “Back to school”

This is how I feel today.

I woke up early today, even before the sun. There was something in the air. I got up and looked out my window and that’s when I saw it, the rain. It was coming like a blanket of haze. I quickly closed the window and went on the covered patio. I laid atop the tableContinue reading “This is how I feel today.”