New work

So I went on a rant on Facebook and then I deactivated it…again. lol I have friends that are millionaires, some that have two, three cars and big houses. I have been asking everyone, anyone to help me with just $1 a month, preferably $5 and all I received was deafening silence. Some of thoseContinue reading “New work”

Re-incarnation VS Re-distribution

I don’t believe in re-incarnation, I believe in re-distribution.Re-incarnation: meaning to re-enter the flesh, again… Our flesh is made up of “borrowed” particles such as calcium for bone, water for blood, etc… These particles, when we die, become free from the “glue” that binds them together. They are dispursed into the cosmos and are re-cycledContinue reading “Re-incarnation VS Re-distribution”