Back to Goa, and Delhi (2018)

So we are going back to Goa for some Ayurvedic treatments and Delhi for some shopping. I will try to post everyday here, depending on a Wifi signal. So I obviously didn’t post everyday. I took the opportunity to completely chill and let go of all this non sense; unplug if you will. We ateContinue reading “Back to Goa, and Delhi (2018)”

Ok, more about my home.

I cannot help it. It is just too beautiful. I found a few more pics I want to post here. This is where I hung out with a cup of coffee chilling and listening to roosters signing and sometimes the rain coming in.   My family owns some property in the mountains. This is theContinue reading “Ok, more about my home.”

A Much needed break.

So Jennifer and I went to Chicago for a much needed one day mini vacation. We had a great time. We travel well. Maybe it’s because we are easy, lol. We got there in time for breakfast so we went to Cafe Sel Marie. It’s a great place for breakfast and lunch in Lincoln Square.Continue reading “A Much needed break.”

Cute girl…

So I went to this drawing meeting club thingy at Coffee Cartel and it was fun. I love it when people have different  opinions and are not afraid to share them. Like the French say If we all think alike, no one”s thinking! But, I did notice on the corner of my eye this reallyContinue reading “Cute girl…”

I feel so good…

I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because Spring is finally here. I also feel like I’m at a crossroad, come to think of it, aren’t we always at a crossroad? lol. I’m meeting a lot of people and it’s great to be in different circles. I can’t believe how much I was limiting myself. IContinue reading “I feel so good…”

Momenta – Necklace videocam I WANT IT!!!

The Momenta PC is a finalist in Microsoft’s Next-Gen PC Design Competition that you strap to your neck. Momenta necklace isn’t a whole lot more refined, but at least it’s a touch less noticeable. It’s got a camera that’s constantly recording what’s in front of you, but it also measures your pulse rate. When youContinue reading “Momenta – Necklace videocam I WANT IT!!!”

My theory on alien abduction

MY THEORY ON ALIEN ABDUCTION. I believe that the brain records everything whether you remember it or not. All sensations that you had since childbirth, and probably before, are stored there. What struck me about these stories of abduction was the similarity between them. They all see this bright light, they are then probed, tested,Continue reading “My theory on alien abduction”