India – The Whole Story

I’ve written about my last trip to India in sections and it’s annoying to find each section and read them separately so I’ve compiled them here, in one story. Enjoy… The trip from Stl to Bangalore So it has been an interesting 3 days so far but hey, when you’re in India, everything is interesting.Continue reading “India – The Whole Story”

Tiny bubble

I’m a tiny bubblefloating on the topI ride with the waveswith no end in mindyou can see underneathif you’re aboveyou can see aboveif you’re belowI’ve seen strange creaturesabove and belowI’ve seen sunlight and the rainbowI don’t know where I came frombut this I knowone daythis tiny bubble will pop!and the air that was containedwithin theContinue reading “Tiny bubble”

I live in my head

I live in my headwhile some are trying to get an out of body experienceI’m trying to feel minethoughts are projected on my mind-screenI’d say they’re mine but they’re notothers have the samemaybe thoughts are like radio wavesand we are the receiver/transmitterpicking up broadcastsI wonder if we have preset stationslike the Christian channel, NPRI wonderContinue reading “I live in my head”

Difference between knowledge & Information

IS THERE A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN KNOWLEDGE AND INFORMATION? Well, I’ll tell you a little story, when my daughter Kian was about 2 or 3 we were driving thru the loop in U-City and she spotted a crow and yelled: “papa, regarde!” which means:”papa! look!” (we speak French to each other). I glanced at the birdContinue reading “Difference between knowledge & Information”

My theory on alien abduction

MY THEORY ON ALIEN ABDUCTION. I believe that the brain records everything whether you remember it or not. All sensations that you had since childbirth, and probably before, are stored there. What struck me about these stories of abduction was the similarity between them. They all see this bright light, they are then probed, tested,Continue reading “My theory on alien abduction”

And it will be beautiful…

The sweat sticks to my shirt, it’s humid and grey.In my heart the sunshines with clouds and all, the ocean is here as well.Electricity runs through the sky of my mind.The tree leaves are waving bye bye.Stand up! I think.Stand and rise amongst the sleepers.Walk towards the clarity and touch the matrix of being.The lightContinue reading “And it will be beautiful…”

Life's what you make of it…Get me out of here! :)

Life is what you make of it….That seems right, right? Actually all you can change is your perception. So, maybe life is the same all the time, without any particular qualities? Then all of us “choses” to see it one way or another. I was born into this world and when I arrived a greatContinue reading “Life's what you make of it…Get me out of here! :)”