I have a thing for hippie girlz…

Well, the clean ones of course. Is there such a thing as a clean hippie? lol. I just love the carefree and open lifestyle even though I know that for some of them it’s just a facade and not truly felt. Either way, I love this pic. I got it at HippieGoddess. You like?

Was I abused as a child?

So when I was a kid about 6 years old my parents sent me to camp in St. Martin, another island north of Guadeloupe. It was carnival time and everyone dressed up. My fearless camp leader, a woman friend of the family, decided to dress me up as a little girl and may I sayContinue reading “Was I abused as a child?”

Back to school

Ok, so I’m going back to school. I’m going to Fontbonne. I’ve decided to finally finish my degrees. I’ll get a BFA and then an MFA. After I’ve completed my studies I will look to teach in a University. The plan is to do that for 20 years and then retire. By the way, here’sContinue reading “Back to school”