New work

So I just got back from Koken. We had a group drawing / painting session. I did some exploration with Sumi ink on Yupo paper. It’s such a strange texture but does some really interesting things. I still had time to so a pastel painting of the model. I also gave her one of the drawings. Let me know what you think, and please click … Continue reading New work

AkaChique Gallery

So I put up some of my paintings in chique gallery. It’s a wonderful place in Arnold, yes Arnold! This little place is booming with constructions everywhere. They can’t build the houses fast enough.I met with Sue, a wonderful lady that has this gallery that would stand up to any gallery in St. louis. There are 2 levels and a variety of artwork displayed.You should … Continue reading AkaChique Gallery

ARt D. party update

The party last night was awesome!!!Loved it! There was a nude model with paint all over her posing as the many artists in the room were doing sketches of her.The art works were great. Ambience wonderful, free beer, wine and food. A lot of happy people hanging together.Thanks to Katia, Aurelie, Virginie and all other friends that attended. I greatly enjoyed your company.I met some … Continue reading ARt D. party update