So, so much has happened, and it’s all good. 🙂 I finally deleted Facebook again, for the third time. I was slightly pressured by the gallery and my old school to get back on it to promote my art show. I found out that I don’t think I can relate with much of the newContinue reading “Anyway…”

Weird day, weird life.

I have thought about ending life many times but lately the feeling is getting stronger. I just don’t see the purpose of all of this crap. We is absolutely no point to this existence. Greed has made man a demon and he is destroying everything that is worth a damn. Everyone is nicely settled inContinue reading “Weird day, weird life.”

Our purpose on this planet?

What if our sole purpose on this planet is to eat food and poop it out? Hear me out. Everything on this planet intake stuff, ‘digest’ it and then transform it into something else that another ‘creature’ uses. For all we know, our nervous system is just there to support our digestive track. photo foundContinue reading “Our purpose on this planet?”

My theory on alien abduction…

I believe that the brain records everything whether you remember it or not. All sensations that you had since childbirth, and probably before, are stored there. What struck me about these stories of abduction was the similarity between them. They all see this bright light, they are then probed, tested, etc… by these creature withContinue reading “My theory on alien abduction…”

The sweetness of the infinite…

I dive within myself and dissolve into the infinite, like honey in hot tea. Aah, to lose oneself into the ocean of bliss. To become one again, like the raindrop falling into the ocean… I am home again, love me, caress me, make love to me I am yours.

Heavy heart…

I woke up with a heavy heart today. I tried to fight the tears but then gave up and cried and cried all day. I just don’t understand why it hurts so, or maybe it’s just me, letting go… I felt this grief coming, like a giant wave that swept me away, from my stableContinue reading “Heavy heart…”

I feel so good…

I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because Spring is finally here. I also feel like I’m at a crossroad, come to think of it, aren’t we always at a crossroad? lol. I’m meeting a lot of people and it’s great to be in different circles. I can’t believe how much I was limiting myself. IContinue reading “I feel so good…”

my little heart…

I was walking through the park today. The air was cold, not too cold. There was stillness within and without. Upon a path I saw a small tree. It had lost all it’s plumage, all but a few and that’s when I saw it. It was my little heart. It was perched on the highestContinue reading “my little heart…”

So I’m so confused.

I think it’s more confusing because I made the mistake of thinking that I would never be confused like that again, hehehe. I feel so weird and lost, yes lost and scared. I feel my life has been flipped upside down yet nothing has changed…weird. The change must be in me. It’s stemming out ofContinue reading “So I’m so confused.”

This is how I feel today.

I woke up early today, even before the sun. There was something in the air. I got up and looked out my window and that’s when I saw it, the rain. It was coming like a blanket of haze. I quickly closed the window and went on the covered patio. I laid atop the tableContinue reading “This is how I feel today.”

A message from my friend Benny

About bombing NYC, Madrid & London Dear friends,These days we are all from London. Yesterday we were from New York andMadrid.Our duty is to keep on living with faith & love inspite of obstacles andtragedies that we can found in our path through life.It is a nonsense to darken our lifes, to get blinded byContinue reading “A message from my friend Benny”