Another digital drawing

Here is my second one. I think I'm liking this. 🙂 I have started a thing on Patreon where you can support my art for one dollar a week. Here's the link: I would love to have you as a patron. Maybe you could help me set it all up and figure out the... Continue Reading →


iPad Pro.

So I decided to pick up my iPad Pro again and experiment with drawings. I use a program called Procreate. It's an app that costs about $8. I like it.

New blog for jewelry

So I have decided to create another blog uniquely for my jewelry stuff. I call my style Primitive Elegance. The domain name is already taken. Boohoo! The worst part is that the person also does jewelry. Lol. I looked in vain for a contact info to see if he would sell it. Here is the... Continue Reading →

Trip to Goa

Mom and I organize trips to India every year centered around Ayurveda. This year we went to Mandrem Goa. Goa is unlike any other Indian State. It was colonized by the Portuguese and still has a strong Catholic presence as well as the taste for alcohol. This is probably why most people, including Indians, go... Continue Reading →

Caesar watching the Super Bowl

So I just watched the Super Bowl. It was interesting to watch and the athletes were amazing. Both teams gave their best. However it is crazy to see the amount of money and attention that goes into something like this...a game, entertainment, a distraction. It is sickening to see the team's owners in their special... Continue Reading →

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